SEO means search engine optimization. Through which you can get the desired visitors or traffic to your website.

What is search engine optimization and how it works

Those of us who are thinking of making some money by blogging must know what SEO is, what SEO really means.


If you want to make money by opening a blog or website and writing content there, then you must know how to do SEO.


You can only succeed in your blogging career if you are able to do it right. This is a very important issue in many aspects of digital marketing, including blogging.


Most new bloggers make the mistake of writing a blog without knowing what SEO is or what SEO is all about.


Me or you, we all write on blogs for the purpose of making money. From creating a blog to publishing various content there, everything is done for just one reason.


The reason is to bring more visitors or traffic to the blog. Because you can think of income from a blog only when your blog has enough visitors.


And the key to bringing visitors or traffic to your blog is this SEO. By doing SEO you can get innumerable visitors including Google sharch, Yahoo, Bing.


But before doing SEO, you must know the meaning of SEO.

What is SEO? (What Is SEO?)

SEO means search engine optimization. Through which you can get the desired visitors or traffic to your website.


When we search by typing a keyword in a search engine, we first see a website, then the second, thus the first ten results come in front of us. The site that came first must have had the best SEO performance.


For example, you do a Google search for ‘How to do SEO?’


The first 10 results are shown in front of you. So think about why the website that is being shown in front of you first is not being shown at number 10?


Similarly, why is the site being shown at number 10 or is it being shown at number 10? He could have been shown first.


This is the job of SEO. That is to say, SEO is a process by which we can bring our desired blog or website to the front page of Google or other search engines.


And coming to the first page of a site search engine means that the site must have a lot of visitors.


But now the question that may come to the minds of many is what is a search engine?

Where we search is a search engine. So what is a browser search engine? The browser cannot be called a direct search engine.


Because in the browser you will find a search engine box, which can be Google sharch engine, Bing sharch engine or Yahoo etc.


However, Google is the most trusted and largest search engine. Google has all kinds of information.


There are many types of SEO. But basically there are two types of SEO.


1. On Page SEO

2. Off Page SEO (Off Page SEO)


On-page and off-page SEO is very important for ranking a website on Google. So let’s learn about ‘on page’ and ‘off page’ SEO.


What is On Page SEO?

On-page SEO is an important part of SEO. However, on-page refers to the SEO work that needs to be done inside our website.


Basically we apply on page SEO to our blog or website.


For example, customizing SEO friendly themes, writing SEO friendly content, proper use of keywords, proper use of blog heading tags, article titles, descriptions, permalinks and some more techniques of SEO.


With these on-page techniques, we can bring our blog content to the front page of major search engines.


The idea of ​​on-page SEO:

1) Website loading speed: A site is ranked in search engines only when the site’s load speed is much better. The site is very useful for fast speed SEO.


If your blog or website is not browsed quickly, then visitors will not come to your site, but visitors will leave annoyed.


At the same time, if the loading speed of your site is slow, then you will never get a rank in Google, on the contrary, it will have a bad effect on your site.

So be sure to try to keep your site loading good. A fast theme in this case, if you use WordPress, then use good quality hosting, compress the images used in the blog and use the cache cleaner plugin.


2) Heading tag: You must use heading tag in your post. Proper use of h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6 is required.


By using heading tags, visitors can easily understand the main points of your article.


3) Internal linking: Internal linking is a must for blog posts. This is very useful for blog SEO.


Internal linking is when you write an article on your blog, giving a link to an article in line with that article.


Suppose you are writing an article ‘5 Ways to Make Money Online’


Then you can link to a previous article on your income blog. This is basically the internal linking method.


Also, ALT tags, images, search descriptions, keywords must be used in content to do on-page SEO.


So far we have some ideas about on-page SEO, let’s find out about off-page SEO ourselves.


What is Off Page SEO?

Off-page search engine optimization is a process that we cannot do within our blog. In the case of on-page SEO, we do different things inside our site, but in the case of off-page, the opposite is true.


After publishing any content on our site, the work of off-page optimization begins.


In off-page SEO

★ Submitting blog / website to search engine

★ Using Directory Submission


Blog Commenting

Guest post

Use of various social media sites


All this work is mainly done in off page SEO.


This means that the things that have to be done outside the website to rank a website are known as off page SEO.


If you know SEO, many kinds of work will wait for you. Now many will say that what is the benefit of learning SEO?


If you know how to do good SEO then there are many ways to earn income. If you want, you can create a site and SEO it to bring a lot of visitors. And the scope of your income will continue to grow.


Moreover if you are a good SEO expert then you can earn income by teaching SEO. Or you can create an SEO course and sell it.


The demand for SEO is much higher these days. But if you know the job of SEO, then you must use it. Today’s article is so far. If any of you have difficulty understanding something, please comment. Thanks

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