web design and development course.web design and development course in web design and development

web design and development course

>What is a website;

A website is a collection of web pages, images, audio, video and other digital information stored on a web server. Which can be accessed through an internet connection. Each website has a unique name. We can also say that a website is a collection of multiple webpages under the same domain. Websites are called about sites
Now the question that may come to your mind is what is the webpage? As I said at the beginning of the post, we will not only know about the website but also many other things related to the website. That is why you have to read the whole post with patience and attention.

>What is wordpress:

web design and development course 

In today’s age of technological revolution, who has not heard the word blogging! And the best platform for blogging, the name of WordPress is ingrained in the heart of every blogger. WordPress has opened the door to a breakthrough in blogging, web development and most other IT matters. As a result, it has won the trust and love of a large number of people who express their creativity through the internet.
WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) built using PHP and Mysql, which makes it possible to build a fairly good quality website without having the slightest idea about coding.

Simplyput, what WordPress is all about, WordPress is a website-making factory. This factory is open to all. Anyone can come here and create a website whenever they want. You do not have to pay any money. The website is professional and dynamic as it has access to PHP and Mysql without any interference from WordPress.

But one thing is good to know first, WordPress itself is free, but you need to enter here domain and hosting, which is never free. Domain and Hosting The first condition for creating a website in WordPress.

You may be surprised to know that almost 36% of websites on the Internet are built using WordPress. And according to a 2019 report, among the top 100,000 websites on the Internet, about 9 percent of websites are created through WordPress.

The main reason for the huge popularity of WordPress is its simple system. Even newcomers to the world of websites can easily understand the WordPress system. Also WordPress is more SEO friendly and powerful than other platforms.

WordPress.com is a popular platform nowadays.It is possible to create thousands of websites through wordpress.com without any coding.It is possible to create a website with a single click without having any knowledge of programming language coding.

The current trend of creating websites has become a part of every human life.It is important for every person to have a web site to carry his / her own identity where he / she will record his / her required information bio data presentation.Visitors can easily find the person they need or the person’s information they need online.There are several formulas needed to create a website.

There are two main things you need to do to create a website
1. Domain
2. Hosting
Domain:Domain is the URL of a website Domain names are very important for finding a website or searching a website on the Internet.No website can exist on the Internet without a domain name, so a domain name is a way to present a website.
Hosting:Hosting is an important formula of a website through which various information or databases uploaded in a website are stored.Hosting is the storage that is always active to present a website 24 hours a day on the Internet.Website information is presented to visitors through a special computer.That particular computer is active 24 hours a day, meaning it never shuts down or breaks down.There are various hosting rental platforms who rent postings for 1 year 1 month six months. There are many platforms or websites online that offer hosting.

There are several online hosting provider websites such as:
1. Namecheap.com
2. Puptulhost.com
Hosting can be purchased from the above mentioned websites for a fixed period of time and all the information of our website is available on that particular computer for 24 hours.

>How to create a website:web design and development

In general, we can divide the website into two parts. One is a static website and the other is a dynamic website. We can also divide the website into local and remote based on location. But, if someone asks you how many types of websites, the answer is two types of websites. Namely: Static website and Dynamic website.

>What is a static website:web design and development

Websites whose data values ​​cannot be changed after displaying a webpage are called static websites. Scripting language is not used to create static websites. A static website is usually created with HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT.

>What is a dynamic website:web design and development course

Dynamic websites are websites whose data values ​​can be changed even after the webpage is displayed. Scripting languages ​​such as PHP, ASP, Python are used to create dynamic websites and HTML, CSS, JS are also used to design the webpage. In addition, a database (SQL / MYSQL) is required.

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