Rules For Doing Flexiload Business In Bangladesh

Rules For Doing Flexiload Business In Bangladesh

Flexiload Business: There are so many ways to make a living these days. But among all the ways to make income by flexiload is one of them.

You do not have to invest much to make an income by trading Flexiload. You can even start this business any way you want.

This is a very good way to earn income for students. If you want to earn income by working part-time, then the Flexiload business can prove to be profitable for you.

So let’s get to know the details about Flexiload business.


What is Flexiload Business? (What is Flexiload Business?)

Rules for doing flexiload business

You must be familiar with Flexiload. Flexiload means loading money on someone else’s mobile.

Flexiload business means how to recharge money on someone else’s SIM. When you start a recharge business on someone else’s SIM in the hope of making some money or making a profit, it is called flexiload business.

At present, almost everyone has a mobile phone in their house and one person has about 2/3 SIM. As a result, they need to recharge to communicate with someone.

Anyone, big or small, can do this business.


How to start a flexiload business? (How to start Flexiload Business?)


To start a flexiload business you need to have some basic ideas about this business, they are:


1) Choosing the right place: If you want to start the business of Flexiload with little capital, then you must choose a good place.


Not only in the case of recharge business, but you also have to choose the right place before starting any business. But in this case, in the case of Flexiload’s business, you have to choose a place where there are a lot of people. You have to start this business in a place where there are more people or public gatherings.


You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. So you have to try to shop at the very front of the market.


It is best if it is next to a big market. But you have to choose a place that is in the public eye.


2) Trade License: Basically, a trade license is required before starting any business. And so to start this business in the same way, you will need a trade license.

The shop owner will get the trade license with all the required documents including the contract paper, voter ID.


3. SIM for Flexiload: You must purchase 5 SIMs to trade Flexiload. Grameen, Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, and Teletalk.

In case of Flexiload, you can recharge in these 5 SIMs. Other SIMs can also be kept if there is a user in your area.

Because 5 SIMs are used more in Bangladesh. Grameen is the most popular, followed by Banglalink, Robi, Airtel and Teletalk.

You can keep 5 SIM recharge with you.


4. 5 different mobile sets: Since you will flexload 5 SIM users, you can have five mobile phones for five SIMs.

In this case, you can use any less expensive set for flexiload.


Whatever it takes to start a flexiload business

To start a business you must invest. If you want to make a profit, you have to invest in the business. But you don’t have to invest much in the flexiload business. You can start this business with less capital. So let’s not know what you have to spend in the beginning.


1. In Bangladesh, mainly Grameen, Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, these 5 SIMs run a little more. So in order to do flexiload business of these 5 companies, you will need 5 mobile sets.

You will get a fairly good set between 800-1000 rupees. If the price of a set is 600 rupees, then the price of 5 mobile sets will be 4 thousand rupees.

On the other hand, if the price of a set is 1 thousand rupees, then the price of 5 sets will be 5 thousand rupees.

Since you need your mobile for recharge, it will be a cheap set.

2. Basically 5 SIM companies are doing well so these SIMs are loaded more. However, you can start a recharge business with the SIMs that people use more in your area.

In this case, if you want to do business with 5 SIMs, then you have to buy SIMs from 5 companies in different ways.

You can find out about different offers from them while taking SIM.

To get Flexiload SIM, you have to complete all the work of your trade license properly.


Flexiload business profit or commission

The commissions for flexiload trades change over time. However, most of the time, if you sell 1 thousand rupees, a commission of 28-30 rupees is paid from all SIM companies.


Then you will get 26-30 rupees for recharging 1 thousand rupees. If you can sell 10 thousand rupees in one day. In that case you will get 10 * 30 300 rupees commission.


However, different SIM companies pay different commissions here at different times. In other words, if you recharge 344 rupees to someone, you will get 20 rupees for it.

You will get such offers from all SIM companies.

But you can’t make that much money just by trading Flexiload. So try to do this business in combination with any other business.

For example, you can sell SIM, develop, rocket, etc. with recharge.


Why is the flexiload business profitable?

At present, more than one mobile phone is used in almost every household in Bangladesh. As a result, the issue of communication has increased a lot. In other words, if you want to make calls from one place to another through mobile, you must have a sufficient amount of balance in the SIM of the mobile.


So in order to keep the SIM on the mobile and talk to your loved ones, everyone must recharge their mobile. And so the Flexiload business is currently profitable.


This business is one of the many small businesses in Bangladesh. But if you can run this business in the right place with the right rules, you will benefit a lot.


You can also sell SIMs and other things from different companies, not just Flexiload. Doing this business along with any other business can be more profitable.


Since there are many Flexiload stores nowadays, trading FlexiLoad alone will not be as profitable. Try to do something else as well.


Our last word

Friends, today we got to know the details about Flexiload business. So if you want to make some money by running a small business, the best way for you is to do flexiload business.

You can do business by loading money on other people’s mobile without any hassle. Gradually you will be able to make this business much bigger.

This was originally in today’s article. If you have difficulty understanding something, please comment. Thanks everyone

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