If you have the skills to write about a topic, then of course you can use it to earn income. In this case, the best way to make money from the blog. In the beginning you have to work with a little time, but later you can earn something good from here

How to make money from blogs

Surely you are all familiar with the word blog. Different people have questions about how to make money from blogs.


But in order to make money from blogs, first of all you have to have knowledge about blogs. You need to know what a blog means or what a blog means.


Today, bloggers from different countries are earning thousands to millions of rupees every month by writing about different topics on their blogs.


The best way to earn money in the online world is to make money from blogs. But you can earn income from the blog only when visitors come to your blog to read the article written in your blog.


Before you know the ways to make money from blogs, you need to know what a blog means. So let’s not know what a blog is.


What is a blog? (What Is Blog)

Simply put, a blog is like a diary. In that diary you can write any story, poem, tips and tricks, technology as you wish.


But the difference is that the blog in the online world, you can not write it with a pen in hand.


What you need to earn money by writing online blogs:


A computer, laptop or mobile

Computer Knowledge

★ Internet connection

তা Ability to write about any one subject


If you have a good idea about these few things then you can definitely earn income by writing a blog.

In other words, a blog is a method where you can write everything you know, which can be useful to others. A blogger can be successful only if his writings are liked by the visitors.


When visitors like the different content written on your blog, your blog will start getting a lot of visitors.


And the more visitors come to your blog, the more income you can make from your blog. However, the question may be in your head, what is meant by blog?


On the one hand, blogging is a technology through which you can earn income online if you want by writing on various topics.


On the other hand, for many, blogging is a means of learning something new or learning something new on the Internet.


In other words, just like you can earn income by writing a blog, on the other hand, others can read it on the internet and learn something from it.


In this case, the question that will come to the minds of many now is how to make money by writing on that blog. Maybe you don’t know, today people from different countries including Bangladesh have taken blogging as their profession.


Again many have started blogging along with various jobs. And from this blog they have been able to establish themselves.


From a student to an employee, a businessman can earn money by writing on a full time blog starting from part time.

There are countless ways to make money from blogs. But today I will tell you about the best three ways out of so many ways.


How to make money from blogs? (How to make money from blogs?)

Here are three simple ways to make money on your blog:

★ Google Adsense,

Affiliate marketing,

★ Selling digital products


So let’s learn more about the three ways to earn income from blogs.


1. Google Adsense: The easiest and most reliable way to monetize your blog is through Google Adsense. You can earn income by viewing advertisements on the blog through Google Adsense.


So the question is what is Google Adsense?


Google Adsense is a service or program of Google, which gives us the opportunity to earn money by showing ads on our site.


This means that when our blog site is ready for income, we can apply for AdSense from Google, and Google’s AdSense program displays their Advertisement on our blog site by approving our ads.


When a visitor clicks on an ad to read different content on your blog, Google’s AdSense company pays you CPC.


That means the money is credited to your AdSense account according to the ad. And when ড 100 is deposited in your ad account, the money is delivered according to the bank address given by you.


Google Adsense is highly trusted, so if you want to make money from blog sites, then Google Adsense is a good way for you.


2. Affiliate marketing: The means of earning income through affiliate marketing is as popular as ever. Many people are familiar with affiliate marketing.


Currently, many bloggers are able to earn a lot of income through affiliate marketing. So if you can write on a blog, affiliate marketing will be a much better way for you.


But many do not know what affiliate marketing is?


An affiliate marketing system is a way to sell any product that can be bought online by promoting it on your own blog.


Suppose Amazon is a company. Anyone can buy different products online at this company. Amazon has an affiliate program.


In other words, there is an opportunity to earn money through affiliate marketing. In that case you can create a site and write good content there, you can join Amazon company as an affiliate marketer.


If someone buys the product from your promoted link after seeing the product reviews on your site or liking the promoted product, you will get some commission in return.


Affiliate marketing is a means of earning a commission. Many people want to earn money from blogs through AdSense but many times they give up blogging due to not getting AdSense approval.


But if you do not get AdSense approval then affiliate marketing is a very good medium for you.

3. Selling digital products: At present there are numerous digital products, the demand for which is much higher. You can earn money by creating a blog site and selling all these digital products there.


The medium of selling digital products through blogs can prove to be extremely profitable for you.


Some of the most profitable digital products are:


Website created

★ Different software

Blog theme

Domain and hosting

★ Different software

E-books etc.


There is no shortage of digital products at this time of current technology. So you can earn money by selling digital products on the blog without any hesitation.


In addition to these three ways, you can make a good amount of income by promoting or selling their products on your site by contracting with any merchant.


You can also earn money by displaying ads on various local advertising sites outside of AdSense.


Our last word

If you have the skills to write about a topic, then of course you can use it to earn income. In this case, the best way to make money from the blog. In the beginning you have to work with a little time, but later you can earn something good from here.


Today’s article was so far, if you have any suggestions or have difficulty understanding, you must comment.

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