best thrillers 2021

best thrillers 2021

best thrillers 2021;; how are you? I hope you are well. I am also well. There are many of us who like to watch movies.

best thrillers 2021;Today’s content is for them. Many people like to watch movies, some people like to watch action movies, some people like to watch romantic movies or some people like to watch thriller movies.

best thrillers 2021;Today we will learn about such a thriller movie. There are many of us who like to watch Malayalam or Telugu Tamil movies. Let’s not exaggerate, let’s get to the main point.

Once you start watching this movie of 2 hours and 50 minutes, your hair will stand on end. The movie was released on October 5, 2018.

The name of the director of the movie is Ramkumar.

The story of the movie will start with an Indian police officer who wanted to be a movie director but had to become a police officer due to family problems. When he started working for the police, he saw the brutally murdered bodies of young girls in different parts of the city.

The abducted girls were first taken to a torture cell, where their eyes were removed, they were even taught acid, and they were beaten to death. And their bodies were left in a dirty place at night. The carnage in the city is increasing day by day. Who or what and why brutally kill girls?

To know that, you must watch the movie. The movie has a cast;

Bishu is huge
Rabina Daha
Amala Paul
Ammu Abirami
Mohammad Viral is the music director of the movie Ammu Abirami. If I speak from a personal point of view. I like the movie a lot more.

I will put this movie number one inside Best Maralam Thriller movie. No doubt. I want you to watch this movie and enjoy. How did you like the movie? If you like it, let us know in the comment box.

So far today

Stay well, stay healthy, follow the rules of health.

“Thank you”

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